Ambiance at Sakura

Tonight, Frank and Lynn introduced me to Sakura, a Japanese restaurant that delivers two-piece sushi and sashimi servings on small plates that ride atop the flatbed cars of a model train.

You never know what's coming next at Sakura.

I’d rank the food a solid 7/10 (quite respectable), but I think the real hook is the delivery method. You can start eating the moment you sit down at the bar, and you eat at your own pace, choosing items at random as they roll by. Lynn calls it ‘sushi porn’, I guess because of the sensory overload caused by this endless line of delicious food passing not three feet in front of you.

Don't stare into the lights.

But I think it was the relaxed pacing of the meal that sold me. Eat a few bites, chat for a few minutes, find something else interesting to eat, repeat until done.