December 2008

AnnouncementsWTEIKC | 25 Dec 2008 08:33 pm

You will be missed, and we’ll never look as good again on Easter.

Soup & SandwichesWTEIKC | 12 Dec 2008 07:04 pm

The Classic Cookie – 409 W Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO‎ – (816) 444-1933‎

Nestled among several small shops in Waldo is The Classic Cookie, both a bakery and a relaxed, intimate spot for breakfast or lunch. It’s hard to say what I like most about it, though, because The Classic Cookie scores about equally well on quality, atmosphere, and value. They stick to a small menu that celebrates the kind of food we might otherwise eat quickly at our kitchen tables.

For lunch, the soup choices change daily and always pair well with a number of classic sandwiches. On one visit I chose a BLT on whole wheat and a cup of chicken corn chowder, while my friend had excellent luck with a grilled cheese and chili.
Regardless of the item, we noticed how much care goes into just the presentation. Sandwich fixings artfully protrude from between the warm, fresh whole-grain bread, which itself was so good I sometimes forgot about the bacon in my BLT.

The entire staff seems to truly enjoy working at The Classic Cookie, and despite our arriving amid the lunch crowd one day, service was friendly and prompt. It merits repeating, though, that this is a small venue, so I advise arriving early for lunch. (They obviously have lots of regulars from the surrounding neighborhoods.) The atmosphere has kind of a homey, arts-and-crafts character but without being too kitzschy. Prices are very reasonable.

CommentaryWTEIKC | 11 Dec 2008 09:44 pm

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to see the new wings of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It makes me despise what they look like on the outside just a hair less, but better yet it makes me feel like I’m in a real art museum in some other city. (Seriously, though, I was very impressed.) What I’d really like to know, though, is why art museums are such a magnet for so many well-dressed old people with severe facial expressions and who push past you like they own the place. Well actually, that may not too far from the truth – they’re likely the benefactors who have their family names carved in a marble wall somewhere inside. Still, it makes for a markedly unpleasant experience. If they despise so the rest of us patrons who work for a living (but surely know a lot more about art than just how to bid on it at Sotheby’s), why don’t they lock us out?

EntertainmentWTEIKC | 06 Dec 2008 05:19 pm

On 12-1 at Jardine’s, I was lucky enough to see the Jake Blanton Quartet, which only gets together once or twice a year, now. Back with Jake (guitar) were Roger Wilder (piano), Craig Aikin (bass), and Tim Cambron (drums). They did an extended rendition of Jake’s ‘Garbage Truck Waltz’ that had some particularly moving solos by each member of the band.

Jake performs with other pop / soft rock groups like Ghosty and toured with Sia a while back. In addition to being a skilled and versitile musician, he’s also a magnet for some of the city’s best performers. Go hear him play if you have the opportunity.