Whad’Ya Know” has to be the most intellectually vapid, pointless, and colossal waste of airtime on public radio. My friend Debbie put it simply enough, “There’s just. Nothing. There.” But she’s right; the show is two hours of Michael Feldman making smug replies to uninteresting guests and taking cheap shots at the audience members too dim to realize they are being made fun of. Ironically, I picture Feldman in high school as that smarmy suckup with a bad complexion who thinks people are actually laughing with him (picture the Upchuck character on MTV’s Daria). Anyway, even the angry wails of Womansong (airing the same time on KC’s other independent station) are less painful to listen to than Feldman’s attempts at humor.

Of course, if we’re just talking about individuals, it’s a tossup which public radio personality is more tragically unfunny, Feldman or Mo Rocca – a debate for another time, I suppose. Anyway, they’re playing “…Birth Control and Beer,” so I gotta go turn up the radio.