Jazz lovers around town welcomed the news there would be a live, late-night radio broadcast each week from the historic Mutual Musicians Foundation. Then we all started wondering why no one had done this sooner. The late Saturday / early Sunday hours at the Foundation are magical, and kudos to KCUR for letting the rest of the world listen in (and if you like the show, send them some dough). KCUR’s website lists an exciting lineup of guest musicians for 12 O’Clock Jump in the weeks to come.

The midnight program lasts an hour. Too bad, as Foundation regulars know the music goes on long after, sometimes past daybreak. Also disappointing is that 12OJ is billed as a variety show, to include painfully insipid comedy bits. But hopefully, someday, they’ll get the memo that KC isn’t on the map because of comedy, and this would be a world class show were there less yappin’ and just more great music.

12OJ has a sort of nostalgic, war-era feel, like when big bands and small combos alike played to the troops over shortwave from Manhattan ballrooms. Listen in bed with the lights out to heighten the illusion.

12 O'Clock Jump