and I avoided giving it to my own cat for as long as possible – four years, I think. Compared to the dry stuff, wet cat food is essentially feline crack. Seriously, they cannot get enough of it, as opposed to the dry stuff you never have to worry about them overeating. To make matters worse, it looks like shit and doesn’t smell much better – even the expensive stuff. Worst of all, three months into the purgatory of feeding my cat this foetid sludge,

its nutritional superiority over dry kibble is finally obvious. His coat has become noticeably softer and almost has a shine to it, and he has put on some weight (a good thing, as he’s been a little too lean the last couple of years).

I wish you could buy a month’s supply in a large cylinder with a plunger at one end, like a caulking gun. Then you’d never have to get anywhere near the business end, and could just dispense a day’s ration at a safe distance: *ppthhhhhhhhhhh-plop*