I just realized there is, in fact, one good thing about the Power & Light district: It bled Westport nearly dry of douchebaggery. Now, there’s a vein that needed opening for years.

Really, P&L seems like it was custom-built for douches.

  • Absolutely no character to the place that would otherwise be lost on the targeted clientele
  • Lots of unbreakable concrete and metal infrastructure that’s easy to hose spilled beer and vomit off of every week
  • Ridiculously inflated prices that easily convey the illusion of exclusivity to the addle-minded
  • Fees applied to any opportunity to stand out as a douche among douches (e.g., being spritzed with cheap cologne in the bathroom or having a slur on your buddy written on a big chalkboard)

So one might say it’s the bug light that helps keep other parts of the city a bit cleaner. Spend on, douches!