For years I was happy buying coffee from The Roasterie and feeling all happy’n’shit about supporting a local business. But about a year ago a friend of mine in Bend, OR sent me a pound of espresso beans from Strictly Organic Coffee Co., and I haven’t looked back since. Strictly Organic has two varieties of espresso beans, the darker of which I use today, but both of which produce espresso with far more character than anything I have ever had in KC. There are hints of chocolate and just a tiny bit of fruit in the Strictly Organic espresso, leaving all the Roasterie varieties I’ve tried tasting flat and lifeless. And the crema…. God help us, the crema, it won’t quit. It’s like the head on a pint of Guinness.

And now I’ve gotten another pal in Montreal sold on the stuff, and some of the espresso I’ve had there is nonpareil.

So I’d say, game on, Roasterie. If you want to win me back, you’ll have to try harder.